Murrieta Property Management

Murrieta Property Management

Quick Facts About Murrieta's Rental Market and Murrieta Property Management

Bordering Temecula geographically, Murrieta also mirrors many of the strengths of Temecula's rental market while also offering some of its own unique benefits. As in Temecula, the rental market in Murrieta continues to be strong while also offering lower median home prices than the Temecula area. With high median household incomes and low unemployment rates, Murrieta is set to continue to be a growing and developing community.  This unique mix continues to draw those looking to purchase homes as an investment as well as their primary residence. 

Quick Facts Regarding Murrieta1:
  • Population: 100,000+
  • Average Household Income: $97,200
  • Lowest crime rate in Riverside and San Diego counties

We offer property management throughout Riverside County but have most of our properties in the Temecula and Murrieta area. We are a long established and highly regarded local company with decades of real estate experience. If you are interested in more information about our property management services or discuss the Murrieta real estate market you can click on the link below or call:

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1 Information from Murrieta Center for Economic Development